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Sustainable homeware, made of recycled fishing nets.

Our aim is to reduce the impact of marine plastic pollution, ghost fishing and raising awareness of these issues through the sale of our products.

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Paying tribute to the Environment While Helping to Protect It

The Porthcurno Collection unites a passion for our oceans, sustainability, and modern technology in a series of limited edition pieces for the home. Each vase is inspired by the natural movements of water, and captured in the jade tones of an entirely recycled material. The collection itself is named for the ‘Porthcurno’ blend of filament that it utilises. Our supplier, Fishy Filaments, repurposes discarded fishing nets for 3D printing, so that they can be reused for a multitude of purposes. In this case, each piece pays tribute to the oceans that sustain us.

Every vase can be traced to the fishing vessels that provided the netting

Each stage of creating the pieces in the Porthcurno Collection is rooted in Cornwall, from the sourcing of the fishing nets, to the design and creation of the vases themselves. Our supplier, Fishy Filaments, is proud to be able to trace their filament from its origin, to the Cornish fisheries and boats that used it.

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Charlotte Dawe is a self-taught illustrator based in Plymouth, Devon. Her work consists largely of digital illustrations in recent years, however, more recently she has integrated more traditional mediums into her process.


Fishy Filaments™ aims to provide a win-win solution to fishing communities by taking end-of-life fishing gear and transforming it into commercially viable products that have the potential for a multitude of uses.


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