About Us

The Porthcurno Collection unites a passion for our oceans, sustainability, and modern technology in a series of limited edition pieces for the home. Each vase is inspired by the natural movements of water, and captured in the jade tones of an entirely recycled material. The collection itself is named for the ‘Porthcurno’ blend of filament that it utilises. Our supplier, Fishy Filaments, repurposes discarded fishing nets for 3D printing, so that they can be reused for a multitude of purposes. In this case, each piece pays tribute to the oceans that sustain us. The creation of each vase is rooted in Cornwall, an area of outstanding natural beauty that is dependent on the coast. From the sourcing of the fishing nets, to the design and printing of the vases, there is a minimal carbon footprint in the movement and use of materials. No other pigments or modifiers are added in the process, meaning that each vase is as natural as possible in its appearance. Every vase is made from 100% recycled materials, which is one way that we are able to reduce our own impact on the environment.  Furthermore, as much as we wanted to create something beautiful from an innovative material, we also want to help preserve our oceans for future generations. That is why, for every vase sold, we will be donating £5.00 to Surfers Against Sewage. Since 1990 this Cornish charity has worked tirelessly to campaign for legislative change, and keep our beaches clean.